Investment Planning

Our investment recommendations are made only after considering a wide range of investment opportunities and after carefully considering our clients’ goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Through extensive research and analysis, we will develop an asset allocation strategy and construct a customized investment plan. With your agreement and approval, we will implement and monitor your investments and communicate regularly through quarterly reports and annual reviews.
The design of the portfolio will take into account your financial objectives, risk tolerance, current income or liquidity needs and special considerations such as income and estate taxes. We believe that a diversified, well-balanced portfolio, using dollar-cost-averaging and long-term buy-and-hold strategies, will successfully achieve long-term financial objectives.

We are avid proponents of diversification within a portfolio to manage risk, incorporating domestic and international stocks and bonds. A smart diversification strategy involves owning investments that react differently to economic changes.
Asset allocation combines different types of asset classes to provide an appropriate level of return based on your financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.

In our portfolios, we utilize no load, low expense mutual funds that have consistently outperformed their peers.